my paper world,

Today was one of those days when everything just kept getting worse. I'm not a big fan of Mondays. I'm a lot like Garfield. I just spent the past two hours painting my brain away, because I have an evaluation tomorrow in painting class. I was very much inspired by this lady here;

The painting I did inspired on her turned out really well, I have to admit. I haven't been as inspired this month, but this lady reminded me of my childhood. I could distinctly smell jasmine trees as I drew and painted her.

(please don't use the work above without my permission. just in case =)

This is one of the works I did for my Visual Language class. I love this class! It's on Thursdays and the teacher is incredible. He has a way of giving critique and not hurting your ego. I admire that.. especially since his negative critique is always constructive.

Yeah, so today wasn't the best day, but there's always tomorrow to look forward to!


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