The glass was foggy from the heat inside the bus. She drew a heart on the window, still going back and forth between letting her mind wander and remembering what she needed to do when she got home.
She felt a cold shiver go through her spine as a spurt of wind managed to find itself through the window, travelling just under her feet. 
The music played softly in her ear, as she tried to rest her eyes.
She knew that she was going to let herself go to her thoughts and she would miss her stop.
Somehow, she didn't really care. She was reminded of how beautiful it was to feel herself. She unwillingly got up and balanced herself as the bus shook back and forth over the wet pavement. Once she was out, she awoke. As if all that had happened had been an illusion. A shadow of what she really wanted it to be. Outside, in the chilling wind, a raindrop fell on her head. 


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