would you really rush out to me now?

You are the light that shines through this dark heart.
I John 1

I am here sitting on the living room floor, writing letters, making paper cranes and listening to Bon Iver. I feel like when I listen to him, I'm rediscovering something new everytime. Lately, I've had sporadic thoughts about things and so it is shown here. I'm not sure where this is going, but I know it makes me smile to be able to share some of what lurks in my mind. Sometimes I need to spit it out, otherwise I will explode.

This past weekend was good, because I hadn't been getting much of a chance to be by myself. My sister was here! It's always great to catch up with her.

It's hard to have family spread out. My dad travelled today to Chile and my mom goes back next month. I was so used to having them around that I'm not sure how things are going to be when she leaves. 
I guess it doesn't make a difference since I have been working and studying.

I just finished a painting due tomorrow. I wish I could share, alas, I have no scanner. I will soon though! 
and here's a song that has been stuck in my head and heart all day:


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