you're everything,

I found myself thinking today, that "he may be everything in me."
I was thinking about my faith. how these past few days have served to remind me that my faith is a part of who I am. like any other relationship, I just can't give up on something that makes me at peace with who I am in this world. these past few weeks I've felt a constant ache around in my heart, knowing that I wasn't living the way I wanted to.
which all comes down to: a life of complete surrender and love. I heard it say, that love, real, honest love, comes down to a decision and takes root in forgiveness. when you're willing to forgive someone and push aside your selfish desires, you know what it is to love. I think it's true, I think we truly realize we love someone, when we see that even when they have wronged us, we find it in ourselves to forgive and so out of that grows a love.
I know that I really couldn't find it in myself to forgive, but I know that I have been given the strength to forgive. Knowing that this will lead to love, is the most amazing feeling ever.


  1. I love your insight and I totally agree with you. Although forgiving someone is one of the toughest things to do.


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