raindrops on roses,

when I need to smile,
I think of my friend's ears, and his ear to ear smile,
my ballerina's music collection and sitting by her side thinking and talking about different galaxies,
a specific magical night, where I saw saturn, swing-danced in a square and talked to a dear friend,
playing with the sea, running back and forth from the beach to the water,
laughing so hard, your stomach hurts,
converse all-stars,
mint tea,
mangoes with cream,
exploring a city with a tall lovely friend,
laying in the grass with my mama,
driving in the car with my dad,
dancing to random songs with my sister,
listening to the rain tap on the roof
and so much more.

just thinking of these made me instantly smile.


  1. uau Line,que lindo post!
    ele me fez sorrir e pensar em todas as nossas viagens malucas e nosso lugar favorito pra ser quem nós somos.
    Foram tantas coisas boas,são tantas coisas boas.
    Eu amo esses momentos.


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