You know that exact point you get, when you're so tired that you're not even thinking anymore? That's how I'm feeling right about now. I should be happy because the sky is a light blue and it's the perfect weather to grab a book and read outside, but not so. I am longing to lay down and get some needed rest. Instead I'm caught up in the reality of things and how complicated things are when they're not supposed to be.
These past three weeks I've been dealing with all my flaws. It's because I've been going through a process of self-knowledge. It's a gruelling ordeal.
I've been seeing myself through other people's eyes and my own and I just am completely sad with the picture I've seen.
I'm a big mess. I'm hoping that in this huge mess, I can find something that will pull me together.

Then again.. I've always been hard on myself.. maybe I'm just so tired that I just want it to go away.


  1. sometimes we have to try leave some hard things in a part of our minds that nobody,even us,can get there!Then,you'll can relax a bit.
    Reading what you wrote I feel you need that!And i don't know what to do to help you.
    I know the things are complicated for you,but it cannot let you down,think about rodolpho with his big and strange ears!!!
    Love you always.


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