the day before yesterday,

The sun is slowly saying goodbye and it leaves remnants of what its rays looked like. Cars buzz by, going to wherever to, I only wonder. I hear tiny whisperings of a bird that has now gone to sleep, just like the sun it wakes up to. I can’t believe how beautiful your life can be at times. As if you need to really stop, slow down and see that you are living it all wrong and that you need to enjoy the little things that are around you. I am not going to fool you, I don’t aspire to be rich, I just want to live a small kind of life. Regardless of what potential I have for great things. I am most happy when I’m cooking, reading, listening and loving. What better way to live your life than in the things that you love?


  1. minha querida,você é uma pessoa brilhante!Eu sinto orgulho de ter uma amiga como você!
    Beautiful post,and beatiful song!


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