distance is what you make it,

There was a time when I was listening to a lot of Copeland. A lot of their lyrics seemed to catch the moment I was in. For someone who’s used to having their closest friends so far away, distance is something that has never been a stranger to me. I used to think that there were some people who were bad at communication and some people who were good. That is a lie. You know very well, that at times we just don’t want to respond to someone, be it because we feel too much, or we feel too little. We get involved in our own lives and consider ourselves too busy to say hello to those people who meant so much to us. Or, we realize, those people we invested so much in were not worth it in the end. There’s so much more to it than being bad at taking five minutes out of your day and saying hi. We all know that. As much as your life in another place becomes different than that person who you used to share everything with, you can still make a small effort.
I have often grown sad at so many of the relationships I have lost. My friends, really, distance is what you make it.
I know that sometimes I feel too much. I always have and I don't think it's going to stop anytime soon. Recently I've been avoiding facebook because, as much as that place is a miracle wonder (I can snoop in on everyone's lives) it makes me feel terrible at the life I had to leave behind. People I love that are now so into their lives that I have to go see their pictures to see what's going on. Close friends that think that a wall post now and then is sufficient and I got tired.
The worst is, I understand. Because I am getting busy with my own life. Yet, I don't forget. Am I just holding on or is this just who I am?
It's like I told my dear friend these days, absence makes the heart grow fonder. I think that is my case everytime.


  1. hey my dear!This was so BEAUTIFUL!I think i agree with you...this word seems to me bigger in english than in portuguese.But anyway, I feel the same about my relationships,the life is always change,and sometimes the people you met are just people,even if these people are your heart!But,distance is what you make it.
    You see,i'm near of you everyday!Even we're cities apart.Sometimes I feel too bad,but then i remember that i can get close,and be with you.
    It's just the life.And i'm so lucky i have you!!I don't have any idea what would be me without you.Actually,i think i know!I would be a bit more empty inside,and i would don't understand why!I love you with all my heart!
    Esto fue un dos mas longos comentos que yo escrevi para usted! haha


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