put your hand on your heart,

I was skimming through my music and put on José Gonzaléz to play.  Then this phrase caught my attention, “put your hand on your heart and tell me it’s over.” I keep imagining someone saying that, but with their fingers crossed behind their backs. I know that, even though as much as we think things close in our lives like chapters in books, we are always going to go back to reread those pages. It’s natural, sometimes we miss certain things, others we want to understand and most of the time we want to dwell on what would have beens...
I wish I could say these words to that one person. At times, I believe myself to be keeping a door open. As if to let that person in, just in case, they want to ask for forgiveness. Who am I to close a door to a reconciliation?
I don’t what is worse, to completely forget or to remember and hurt. How about this? To put my hand on my heart and believe it’s over, but not realizing that my fingers have crossed by themselves. Because love is just that: Saying it’s over, but still leaving space for more love to flow out, even if it means hurting for a while.


  1. You don't have to close any door in your life,because could seem the worst thing but actually everything that happens to you,have some reason and a positive side.So,if you think in close some door,you have to be sure,because this door could never open again.It's such a love thing, I think.
    In this moment,i don't want to close any door...I want to open a lot of them.
    Don't be afraid my dear ballerina!Everything will be ok with us and our astronauts!! ;)
    I loved your post line!!!

    And I love you.


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