a reality check,

This past weekend I spent reading two books, listening to great music,
making popcorn, jello (which I agree with a certain higschool teacher of mine,
I am quite amused to say, that jello is scary. It jiggles by itself and will not at any given moment, stop!) and watching two favorite movies of mine. Any attempt to do something productive was reserved to those activities. Which means, I have to spend the rest of the week, studying.
Something about my isolation made me think, that, I should really get out more. I didn't talk to one person during the whole weekend, mainly due to the fact that I didn't wish it. I really liked being snug and staying in my pijamas. That won't happen again anytime soon, so I was glad to do it, even though I realized that two days without talking to anyone makes me a very introverted person. Which has long been my suspicion, but to my defense, I did take a walk around my neighboorhood and sat for a few minutes watching the wind blow the mango trees in our frontyard.
All this to say, this song was sent to me by a
friend, and the name in itself is amazing, but I really love this song.


  1. aaah Line,you know...sometimes it's good for us keep ourselves alone,but... 2 days without talking?!!And Aniele?Tell me more about this later ok... (you have to read this with your indian accent)Sometimes i stay worried with you my friend.

    Line,what is "jello" ? rs A new word for my vocabulary!Iupi! rsrs
    I was really glad to sent this song for you,I thought of you when I heard that!Of course,because it's so true...i'm completly lost without you here dear.But the days pass by and i'm learning to be with you just in my thoughts! ;) I'll be pretty good!I'll see,i'm praticing a lot. ^^

    Love you. ;)


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