dreams that I want to wake up from,

Last night, I dreamt we were hand in hand, coming back from somewhere and heading home. We were in a broken down, Alice-inspired house, slowly going down into the ground, in a room in the attic, where the walls were blue like a sky on a particular sunny day. The house was ready to fall into pieces, and we were packing our weathered suitcases to move to England. We were fighting because, you as usual, didn't want to get married, and I would only be with you if we were. 
Suddenly, we were in the plane, with my parents with us. It isn't long before the airplane stops mid-air, and suddenly we see millions of flying buses and motocycles passing by. Both of us lean closer to the circular plane window and watch in wonder as millions of these vehicles pass by. We sit in awe and soon the pilot is announcing that the borders of Britain have been closed to all countries. I become enraged and tell you that I really wanted to go to London. In a few moments, the airplane starts moving again, and we find ourselves really close to a closed in trail, flying very low. I am shocked as I see giant bunnies hopping about on this trail, and scared as we get closer and closer to the ground. Somehow, our airplane disappears and we find ourselves in secret Brazilian government headquarters. They are questioning both ourselves and my parents. However, my dad has disappeared and they only ask the three of us questions. My dad comes back with orange pills in his hands, asking to speak with the guard's superior. My dad complains that these pills were put into the plane they were in and it seems that they were set up. The superior doesn't believe him and we are kept in cells and tortured. 
I wake up. 
I am lying next to you in our broken-down Alice-inspired house. You move gently, grazing my hand. A smile plays on your face.
I officially wake up, in my room, in Maringá. 


  1. nossa Li!
    some dreams...scare us.
    but i liked the way you told,you write very well!
    I always love to read your texts!

    Dear,so much love for you.
    take care.

  2. wow another dreamer! i have really intense dreams too! you should share some more of them. i started a group on facebook called, The Dream Team. friends share dreams and talk about what they could mean (if they mean anything). check it out.


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