dare to move,

I think that sometimes besides all of my efforts, I just get stuck. I want to say something but I prevent myself. I make myself a little bit more captivating, but I get frustrated that I have to be a certain way to be noticed.
As I read lovely words of a friend and listen to an old yet familiar song, I just am not moved. I get flustered, I get frustrated and I'm accomodated. I want to do something about my emotions at this moment, but something prevents me. The fear of being rejected, or seen as ridiculous or just because I'm lazy and I want things to come to me.
I imagine myself somewhere else, watching the leaves of the trees move, a book in my lap, and wandering if I have the courage to make the move I want to. Yet, as the day moves and becomes night, as I sit there, time passes and still I have not made the decision I want to. Or I will leave this place and be sad because I didn't even make the effort to try.
Yet, is it in my hands to make a move? To ignore my intutition, my fears, and go after that which I've been debating for a while? Or should I just be happy that I have become fearless and that I am not moved by things around me anymore?
Therein lies my dilemna.


  1. move??
    Line,se queremos alguma mudança,devemos buscá-la.
    Don't be afraid to move when you think you have to... if you feel,and if you want some change in your live... go ahead!Face it like a obstacle that you have to pass by.But,when you think in 'obstacle' think you're in a road,walking and walking... and this road is full of troubles and bad things that sometimes brings you down,but,in the same road you have so beautiful view,and so many flowers... you couldn't resist to live and grin,because even with the bad stuff,the people who pass by this road with you...you'll always remember and carry them in your heart.It makes part of who you are.
    So,doesn't matter any move you want to do... the things will always makes you shine.
    I love youuuuu!


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