there's a little seed that I planted in my small backyard. It's a bit hidden and I fear a little neglected. Somedays are better than others, the rain comes and showers the seed with a bit of love, and others the sun scorches, living it withered from the heat.

years pass, the cold comes in breezes and the sun blazes, before long, there is a mango tree. it's so beautiful, flapping its palm leaves, and the mangoes starting to ripe from green and slowly turning into yellow. before long, we're sitting under the mango tree, on a windy day, and watching the sky change from light to dark. you're sitting next to me, the sun shining and playing the guitar, we sing together, in unison, knowing that this had passed, and that our fight was nothing compared to that moment, with our mango tree, in my backyard. 


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