save your day,

I saved my day.

This morning as this song played, my heart waited  in silence. The trees danced  slowly  with the wind and the cold breeze  fluttered  around my hair.  Silence seems  to say everything,  doesn't it?  It seems  to  hold  a  promise or shut down every  hope.  I could feel my lungs slowly  breathing in the air,  and  I  gave myself into that  moment. Everything seemed to be  peaceful,  even as the cars and motocycles raced by. The sun kept itself hidden, the way  I wanted it to.  Sometimes you have to  poke yourself to face  the day. It is hard to  have the motivation  to  wake  up  and  feel stifled. As if you knew you were made  for something better, but you're stuck in mediocrity. Those same steps,  everyday, wake up,  gather courage and prepare to fight. There are times that everywhere you look,  there's a  battle. All you  can hope is that you  are prepared to  face the neverending attacks going your way.

Today, I saved my day.


  1. line you always can make me smile,and save my day!
    These past days,i've been thinking in do some drawings about 'bliss',inspired by you,dear ^^ what do you think? I made one, take a look!
    Thank you for bring me a lot of wonderful and creative thoughts! ^^ love you.


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