I'd rather dance than talk

I never believed in love at first sight; she thought as her stomach started to spin, butterflies flying everywhere. She saw as he walked across the room, she couldn't really see him, but she had somehow, unconsciously, memorized  the way he walked, and his face, even though a blur in the moment, she could see perfectly. She made sure to breathe as she walked towards him, that night came back in a flash. Things he had said seemed to linger in her mind and she almost felt like she was back in that moment. Her heart stopped as she waited for him to look in her direction, she had seen him from such a long way off, had he seen her as well? It didn't seem like it, his face was turned in the other direction. Even walking, she didn't take her eyes off his face, and when he finally turned to look at her, nothing, it was as if she wasn't there. In her mind, she took a step back,  but she kept going, not sure what to think. She even forgot to react.

Days later, she sat waiting for someone. The school was empty, her stomach had been in a flurry for the past week. She had seen him from a distance at university, but hadn't had the courage to go and talk to his group of friends. She flipped the pages in her hands, looked at her  acqua painted nails and checked her yellow blouse. She loved that color, it made her feel bright and happy. She lifts herself up from her squishy seat  and was startled as she saw him outside the glass window. He was reaching for the sliding doors and there was no way she could run away. She  waited for him primly and smiled  nervously, and as if  on cue, the butterflies in  her stomach start to dance again. He heads in her direction, looking directly, and places a kiss on her cheek. Quickly saying hi, she opened her mouth to say more, but was overcome with fear. She didn't know what she would  say even if he had stopped to talk to her. She sat back down and didn't dare to look as he went to the reception but  she couldn't resist taking a peek at him. He was intently looking at  the recepcionist, so she looked back down to her hands and got lost in her thoughts.

She figured out what she would say, she would look at him and say sweetly, "I'd rather dance than talk to you."


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