procuro esconderijo,

I was that girl there on the beach, and I was watching myself. That chilly wind seemed to take a part of me, far away, into my secret haven. That secret garden, a swing in the middle of trees, and my legs flying over the flowers, me a part of them and them a part of me. All seemed to be at peace in that moment, where I sat, in the cold. Even those scattered moments with you. How I long to be by your side again! Days seem to pass now, and unwillingly they become a blur and I find strength only in particular moments, and then it goes away. Just like the wind, it blows, and it blows and it never comes back, it only continues forward.

I seem to sit there for an eternity, lost in thoughts of different places I have never been to, but somehow I feel like I have.  I want to write, but I seem to be stuck, staring at the waves upon the shore, the lake seeming to awaken in that moment in winter. Then, a smile overcomes my face, and I jump right up. Start running towards the beach, the sand slipping through my toes, and suddenly it seems like the sun spreads its rays wider, as I run along the beach, running away from the waves that threaten to wet my shoes.

I guess I know where my haven is.


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