21st birthday,

Today was filled with a sea of emotions. How can a person feel so much in a single day? So many thoughts can occupy your mind and bring a current of reactions. However, I chose to set my fears and worries aside and just let the day walk slowly, often setting aside any impulse to think too much. It was worth it, I about started crying because my mom said she wanted to surf. First of all, the thought of her on a surfboard made me extremely nervous, because first: she's still learning how to swim properly, and second: she has a back problem. Then, skydiving came into the equation, which I guess is a better option, since you have an instructor who flies with you, so if she were to panic and forget to open the parachute, there would be someone there for her.  
I walked around Santiago this morning, embracing the cold breeze and watching the people walk by. They have moving carts for the tourist guides, which I couldn't help but be amused and was very much tempted to find out the touristy places. Feeling a bit introverted, I watched from a distance as two elderly ladies asked to take pictures with them.

I sat down on a bench, and started thinking of my life back home. I didn't get too far, it's as if the day beckoned me not to think at all and just observe.

So observe, I did.


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