change is gonna come,

I walked around a bit in Santiago today, letting my feet guide me and paying attention to my surroundings. It seemed almost magic when I came right in front of the Museum of Contemporary Art. I debated seeing if there was an entrance, so I could take a peek inside, instead I walked past the central area, looked both sides and found a bench to sit on. Nothing came to mind, in those rare moments, where you mind just remains silent and everything around you sits at a stand still. I watched as some guards on top of their horses passed me by, and I made sure to smile. I watched as two guys tried to do a survey with a girl passing by, but she said no. I observed as she walked quickly pass, we exchanged glances, and I see as she fights back tears. Somewhere, my own spring up. I don't know if it's because of empathy, or what, but I look away and look up, watching the leaves move as the wind blows.
It wasn't long before I stood up and continued walking, watching the two guys sitting on the statue and the two girlfriends having a picnic on the grass. I  turned right, staring at the other end of the street, I felt that odd sense of deja vu, and as I look to the left, I see the girl sitting on a bench, her chin resting on the edge and staring off into a world of her own. I almost wanted to go up to her and offer her someone to talk to.
It seems like everywhere you go, you still feel alone.
I keep walking, looking at how many trees are around me, and the chilly wind plays with my hair, and I am hoping that I find some sort of treasure on this hunt of mine. I think of how Santiago reminds me so much of Budapest. I cross the bridge, and the similarities change. The river is rushing and burbling, and it's a brownish color. There are no buildings in the distance and no grand bridges. I want to stay in the middle of the bridge and watch the water splash, but my legs keep going.
I realize that I love this. I love being able to just walk with no direction, watching the people pass by, imagining what I might look to those who observe me.
Before long, I'm heading back, suddenly tired, and my dad reminds me I need to get back by three.
Change comes. I think it has just come in travelling shoes.


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