leavin' on a jet plane,

I love the smell of airplanes, the small spaces, the different people going to and from different places, the flight attendants, watching cute strangers and hoping that somehow you'll sit next to them on the plane and the anticipation of landing in a different country and leaving some of your worries behind.
I pretend that the time spent on the plane will be used on reading the book I brought along or writing in my journal. Which after a careful attention to getting both tasks done, I excitedly go to the selection of movies and immerse myself in the different plots.
I am happy when the food comes, looking forward to whatever they have arranged for me, and already deciding what kind of drink I'm going to ask for. After this part is over, I'm free to go back to my movie, where it has reached its climate and I wait for the ending.
Before long, we're landing, and time has flown past.
This is the place, where somehow, is where I feel the most in my own skin.
How is that so?


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