sweep my mess away,

I  should  have  gone to this computer first. My brain is so full and having to listen to pop music at this hour, has only  made my mood even  worse. I was  thinking today, as  is  not  very uncommon, about things that I  say and why I say them.  I used to choose my words a lot,  when it came to people I  really liked and didn't want to scare away. Yet nowadays, it's like  I spit  words out and the then I am left pondering why it came out in the first place.

I  am a traveler. I can't deny it, and it's no use trying to resist it. Yet, I long for consistency. I used  to think that being settled in one place, would be it. I think it's just having someone there, walking with me, interested  in my life  and  growing with me. Yet, why  is it on  days like this, I would just like to disappear?

Yesterday was spent in  between sleeping and wishing for things that come true in your head  but not in real life. If I could live  in the land of dreams, I would be a cheerier person. I  just don't know how  to  wish away  this gut  feeling I have right now that  I'm not being the best I could be.

Sometimes I imagine posts  that are much more  happier and funnier,  I actually thought of  writing about my translating fiasco, but now that I am here, I got  morose and I  just let my thoughts flow... and it always  seems I'm sad, doesnt it?

Forgive me friends, I'm going to try  to find the happy, easy-going Aline, she's in here somewhere.


  1. There's nothing to forgive Aline, you've just been yourself. I prefer an honest Aline over a facade any day. And not all your posts seem sad. Often times they seem quite hopeful or happy. You don't need to change a thing.

  2. Aline, even your quiet discontent is more poetic and lovely than anything I ever think. I love you so much!


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