dream a little dream of me

In my dream we went back, to that place that had brought me closer to you. I had promised only to go back if you went too. Even as I think of that silly promise, I knew at the time it made sense to me. Yet things were different, the riverside was no longer just a spot for the two of us, but more people from my past were gathered, as if they knew I was coming back. He was there as well, sitting, smiling and I was drawn to him and sat by his side. You disappeared when I looked around to find you. Had I also been dreaming?
His family was around, everyone seeming to be there for a particular reason. After a while, I gave him a nodd, saying it was time to take our walk. He got up, and went to speak with my father, he was right on the edge of the river, watching the waves splashing against the rocks. They whispered something, and soon his parents were around, looking at us, wide-eyes, and then trying to prevent us from going on the walk in the woods. I knew what he would do there, I had started the chain of events, but why was everyone upset? Only his brother seemed to understand, and they all tried to stop us but we kept walking up that hill, as his brother came in the way between us and his parents.

You were on that road as we walked slowly, he was trying to say everything that the years had stored inside and I listened with a happy heart. Then, just as he was about to ask the question, you were right in front of me.  I was holding his hand and suddenly felt an emptiness. You watched me kindly, and I was afraid to look away, in case you also disappeared.

Suddenly, we were both in our house, years from that moment, underneath large amounts of blankets, facing each other.


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