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I'm moving to Chile.
Did I say that out loud? Yes, I believe I did. It's so wonderfully exciting and scary at the same time. One of those thrills that go up and down your spine and you can't seem to sit still.
Official details of what I'll be doing there will have to come later. These days are filled with tying loose ends, saying hasty good-byes and leaving this behind. It's really hard. Giving up on something isn't as easy as it sounds or look. Packing your bags, re-packing them, and feeling isolated by choice. How else would it be?

But you see, when the year turned, I knew I wanted things to be different. I didn't want to pretend and I wanted to do things that would help me evolve and get back that girl who was, although it's hard to remember, well put together. 

I get stronger each day and I don't even realize.
Isn't that.. amazing?


  1. Good luck with the move and the new adventure that awaits. I'm also trying to move forward, and I think leaving where I am is an essential step. But that realisation took a long time to get to. But now I can't wait for things to fall into place so I once again can feel like I am moving forward.

    ps. thanks for the comment at my blog :)


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