why do I tire of counting sheep?

My grandma thinking it was my day to travel, woke me up and I couldn't get back to sleep. It's almost 7 in the morning. Soon, I'm sure she'll get up again and I'll have some fresh coffee. I can hear my uncle André taking the car out of the garage to head to work. Today I'm planning to go to the bank to resolve the final thing I need to get done before I leave, hopefully see some friends and go over last minute packing.

And maybe try going back to sleep this morning, even if it's just for a little while.

I think it just dawned on me when I said goodbye to probably my best friend here. It's really hard to leave a person when you really need them daily in your life. I can look forward to when she comes! Which I'm sure she will.

To ten million fireflies, I'm weird because I hate goodbyes
I got misty eyes as they said farewell.


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