"It almost seems possible to climb that mountain," she thought as she looked out the window. It seemed so close, the blue sky over head, the curves of the hills, the way she could see the wind moving the trees in the distance.
The sun shone brightly, lighting up the green of the leaves, turning them lighter at a look. She imagined herself up on the tip of the mountain, looking down to the city below. How many souls as lost as she was, do you think she could count them in her hands? Could she recognize them if she saw them?
She saw them everyday, she was sure, walking the streets, involved in their busy nothings. Yet how well they pretended! She didn't know how to pretend, it showed in her body, her eyes, her hands and her face.
Just as easy as it came, it went away, that all-familiar feeling, it was gone. She smiled to herself, and continued to watch the view out her window, "It almost seems possible to climb that mountain," she thought, once again.


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