se mueve, se mueve, se mueve con poder

we finished our last day of painting today. ah, yes! I'm tired and I should be in bed, instead I'm looking at pictures and thinking of the great week I had. the first part of the morning was spent, trying to finish as much as we could, because in the afternoon we were going to do some sightseeing.

we ended up in Santa Lucia, which is a place to buy any kind of souvenirs, it also has a lot of art pieces and goods that are just Chilean. I think we spent about two hours there, the group really wanted to buy things and the rest of us just hung out because we were too tired to keep shopping. I felt for the guys, they had to practice their patience, because they truly had nothing to do.

I have about 500 pictures from the week, which is my new record! I've never taken that many pictures in one week. can't even begin to start thinking about editing them and writing reports of what happened during the week. Alas, 'tis my job, and I actually like it!


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