seal my heart and break my heart

I went quite tired to meet my friend at the subway station. Sometimes when I'm alone, I let my emotions run and it ends up draining. I was almost wishing she would have forgotten, but there she was, giving me a call as she looked around for me. She saw me come up to her, turned around and gave me a huge hug.
We ended up walking to a gas station and getting a smoothie, sitting down and we talked. My Spanish barely making it, but with kindred spirits you understand in some way.
We arrived at the church and I was ready, chewing gum so I could stay awake. It worked quite well. I talked about him, of course, he still is a part of me and even in Spanish it was understood. Yet I knew that tonight was going to be different when the speaker touched my shoulder, and we were together, as a group breathing together. Heart to heart, breath to breath.
I wasn't sure what I felt, but I could feel your presence, I couldn't deny it. It was there, and my being seemed to fill with an explicable joy and forgiveness. I am being made new, I can feel the old skin fade away, and the new one being shown underneath. It hurts but there's so much beauty.
I got home and was speechless, all I could think of was you, and now I slowly fall asleep, awaiting what will happen next.


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