there's a beautiful mess outside,

I ventured outside today, wanting to be alone, away from distractions such as internet and movies. I watched about three yesterday. The first was "You Again," "Never Let Me Go," and "Just Wright." I often find myself watching really superficial movies when I'm alone, I guess it's because if my mind is on overload than I don't want to think much.

So off I went to find San Cristóbal by subway, I had been before but with my parents and by car. I didn't quite find it, I walked up this street that looked like it would be an entrance to the park, but then found out it was a dead end. I found some really cool graffitti and made friends with a cat, by making friends, I just took a picture and smiled. I'm not very trusting of stray cats.

On the way back, I went to Bella Vista, which is the cultural metro stop, from what I read on the signs. I saw a boy playing a really large instrument, which I will now research, because it had a very low sound and not many different notes. I ventured to find a café, but due to my lack of money, I just put it on my "places to go" in the future, and bought a nice orange juice.

So this day ended up being lovely. Moral of the story: venture outside more, even if your head aches and you just want to go back to sleep. 


  1. Aline sua doida, nem sabia que vc estava no Chile eu imaginava que vc tinha voltado pra Curitiba. Mas é isso ae aventure-se, explore tudo que vc puder a vida passa muito rápido, e quando temos essas oportunidades temos que explorar e aproveitar ao máximo. As dores e angustias são coisas passageiras que ñ devemos deixar nos dominar.

  2. I will definitely start to venture outside more, but when I feel like being alone I somehow always end up in the kitchen baking something. It is very relaxing and the feeling of accomplishment is very satisfying :)

    Enjoy your weekend!


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