without your love is one long sleepless night

I moved in today to my new home. It's an apartment close to a metro stop, which is amazing! I have two roommates, one from the Farao Islands and the other from the States. It's pretty crazy, because there's a group of Brazilian volunteers who have arrived to help and this week is about working at the orphanages.
My brain is bursting from all the translating I've been doing, and trying to make sure everyone understands everything. I feel weird at times because I don't have Spanish down. With so many things happening at once, and of course all those mixed emotions, but today was really good.
I find it amazing that the organization I work with has so many people from so many different countries. Most of them are  really willing to work, I have sore arms to testify. Today I went to both children's homes, the boy's and the girl's home. I got to do some drawing, but not too much and took quite a bit of pictures. It's pretty much my job, which is great, but sometimes you miss out on the good stuff being the camera.

My heart is a bit full, I think. I'm looking forward to tomorrow! 


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