you're the ocean

A dear friend of mine painted this of me, telling me that I would have a fabulous destiny like Amelie Poulain. It's inspiring to think that I could have a life like Amelie's. She was someone I would enjoy being...
But I am who I am and that's more than enough. 
I haven't thought much about what's going to happen in the next year, I'm busy taking each day as it comes. Yet at times I do think about it and wonder what I'll be doing. The thing is, I think that the uncertainty is what makes me get up every morning and just enjoy what has been given to me! I hope it continues and that not for one moment I let go of this feeling.
This week we have a normal schedule and then the next we're heading down to the southern part of Chile, which I'm really looking forward to. We'll be working with some churches, doing some dramas, participating in part of some conferences. We'll also get a few days to look around, climb a volcano and experience the culture. I'm looking forward to it!
This song, my Faroese roomate showed to me, it's so beautiful, one of the great singers from her small country:


  1. The painting is beautiful, what a wonderful gift from a friend! It's great to hear that you're enjoying your time there and just living in the present. That is so hard to do some times. It's very easy to either get stuck on the past or the future! have a wondeful day :)


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