espero que você não se vá

I used to write songs, scribble down words that I thought sounded good together. The only song I ever finished talked about regrets. If I were to write a song now, people wouldn't listen to it.

No one really likes to listen to each other's joy. Not that it's everyday, about joy, it does come from knowing where you are, even midst uncertainty.

Maybe I'll give it another try.



  1. The inherent difficulty in my view is the balance between the music and the lyrics (ie pure lyrics=poetry v pure music=instrumental). Most people aren't interested in poetry these days. I would say write it as a love letter to yourself (that sounds weird, I mean, write it as if you're the only listener). If it eventually gets a wider audience, then that's a bonus. What one should never do (to avoid disappointment) is to do it for someone else.


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