for your loyalty to me is like the morning sun,

The lyrics to this Kristene Mueller's song resonated with me the whole trip down South. 
"What shall I do with you, my love? Your loyalty to me is like the morning clouds, like the dew that goes away, so early..."
Los Lagos, as displayed in these pictures was our fourth stop. It was probably the most beautiful, I'm not sure, Valdivia, the city before, was quite lovely as well. I think what really struck me about Los Lagos was how down-to-earth the town was. The mountains in the background, showing off their splendour, and the quaint houses, lined up on the streets, the kind of place where you could probably leave your door open.

La Balsa, a surrounding county, we spent two days. One visiting the homes and inviting them to our event and the other working in the actual event. It was spectacular, fields of hay and cows lying lazily, not caring that we were so near, wild blueberries and endless fields that just begged to be run in. 

In the end, the people make the city. The church we worked with was wonderful, here they are enjoying the dramas and the activities the team planned. 'Till next time, Los Lagos. 


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