build a rocket boys!

Imagine you and me, lying together, side by side. Waiting for something to shake us.
All of a sudden, something compels you, words, music, passion and then you can't remain still anymore.
Slowly, you build things according to what you desire and what impacts you. They grow taller and taller, and you find fulfillment in that. There's so much beauty you created. So much, that you bask in it. Then, out of nowhere, everything crumbles, everything you had found certainty in, crushed, nothing left.
Emptiness threatens to fill in, as you stare at the mess of what you had created.
See, depending on our own efforts, we are bound to fall. We are impressed with deep, profound flaws. We were born with them. Our lives consist of building, building something we can look back and be proud of it. We grow stronger with our successes and then failure comes. Then what happens? We crumble. It takes someone strong to come back up, but then, you realize something: what you were building might have seemed beautiful, but it's useless, it didn't bring joy.
What then brings joy? I know of a joy so deep, it defies everything. Even when the future seems uncertain, and it seems hopeless.
Today we celebrate it, something horrifying but would soon be our own redemption. Something so majestic that it brings pure joy, that never fades, even when everything falls out.


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