a change is a comin'

I had a bit of fun browsing through blog features tonight, as I delay going to bed. Tomorrow is a chill day.
Check out the pages on top: there's an about me, links to my friends and links to my daily reads. Actually those are both interchangeable! I might think of other fun things to add.
While I'm at this, here are some old photos that I found, when I rummaged my room in Brasil.

I remember this distinctly. How could I not? I'm on an ostrich.

This describes me perfectly.

An Indian friend.

My parents in a tribe in Mozambique.

Papa and I.

My beautiful mama.

Sissy and I.

This is how I chipped my tooth. Poser.

Hope you all enjoyed some of my childhood.


  1. You were an adorable child, and your family is beautiful!


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