let it be me

picture edited by my friend Reka Sara Kovacs.

when the world around me is falling out from underneath, I'll be found in you, still standing. 

I've found that a lot of my previous thoughts are being shaken and competely changed. It's not a bad thing, not something that will change my essence, but my attitudes and how I react to the things around me. My heart is slowly going back to a state, where peace overwhelms and is permanent, and I'll be making decisions acting from a place where I'm well with how I am.

When you're trying to live a lifestyle of complete love, things that are important to your peers become irrelevant to you. There are moments that completely move you to act and you're not thinking of it as a distant future, something you will do when you're done educating yourself, but it's present and happening to you in that moment.

Because when you're in a mindset where you want to change and impact, you need to move in that moment. How can you see something that needs to be changed and not be moved by it? Because you want real, authentic change, you cannot stand still. You are moved to act. It's necessary.

It's so easy to be accomadated, to be empathetic, and think that you've done all that you can. There's still more to do, so shake it off and continue going. Even if the world is falling around you, you are still and ready to move. You are remaining still and true to the things you believe in, even as everything around you is being shattered.


  1. Greetings Aline :)
    Interesting your post, be blessed everyday!


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