running around in onsies

Yesterday we spent a bit more time than usual at the home, being summoned by the psychologist to talk about raising funds for the flour they need each month. it was an off day, since as Garfield knows all too well, Mondays everyone hates. At least normal people do. ha.
I was so tired that I just sat next to K and helped him do the memory card game we had for the craft. He was very quiet as he did his work, asking me now and then if it was alright and asking for help to cut when he needed it.
At the end, we saw the boys getting ready for bed and out come H with his lime green onsie! We started singing the frog song, which made him smile hugely, and as he tapped around his feet in his pijamas, I could not hold in a laugh.
Once we talked to the psychologist, we started heading out the home to go to our own homes. Out comes S with his own onsie, giving an awkward handshake to everyone. We noticed that he was getting to big for his onsie, as his toes stuck a bit out in the holes that were on the bottom.
Even though exhaustion seems to overtake you around that time of day, I would rather spend it there then anywhere else.


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