there is no good in me

today I was unprepared and pretty much over my head with things that came across my way. I felt I was just going through the motions and hoping that they would somehow come out right. Up to the very moment we had to leave, I just wanted to go home and hide beneath the covers (although I did make a pretty amazing tent in my room)
now as I look back on the day, I realized it was so productive. Working with what I've been working within OM, has really allowed me to explore the different areas I like. Although it has made it even harder to decide what to stick to. Maybe I don't need to find out...
I have found escape in making things, like earrings and accessories. I'm crocheting like crazy and blogging. I just love having creative outlets, it helps when a day is particularly heavy. tomorrow is busy, we have a flash mob planned, then missionary breakfast and Saturday we also head to the home. we're planning to paint Easter eggs with them. I'm excited.

off I go, sleeping in is giving in, no matter what the time is.


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