vindurinn (the wind)

while in Valdivia we took a boat ride around the canals of rivers. I remember vividly the wind blowing in my face, the eerie likeness of being in a Sigur Rós song, and a bit marvelled that I was so far down South America. we were about 13 hours from Santiago at that point.

you know why I often have wanderlust? I think deep down I believe that wherever you go, there is something beautiful and good that you will find. my mom says I can only see the good in people and things. the cool thing is though, I'm still deeply conscious of how bad the world that surrounds us is.

it's much better to look around and be marvelled at how broken but yet how beautiful everything is around us. yesterday a friend of mine was commenting about music and how surely music in itself is the essence of something superior, beyond our own souls. I see the world like that. there is something so superior to our own brokenness, that it makes it breathtaking.


  1. I completely agree on your outlook, why not see the beauty even though you recognize the brokeness?


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