I should kick my heels together and go home

I get lost in moments, periods of the day, where I get caught up on how the world is around me. The foggy windows, the smell of bread, the sound of my socks on the wooden floor, the heater, the way Spanish sounds to my ears and then I stop. I think of what I am trying to achieve. Then I get overwhelmed, my head spinning in directions, always gearing forward, as if looking for the right direction but realizing that time isn't perfect and that the answer won't come at a click of my fingers.

things always turn around, your heart is down for a moment, and then 10 minutes pass by and everything you had been thinking about before changes. then, it's like the fog lifts, and for that split second you see clearly, more than you have ever before.

sometimes those moments of clarity are enough to get you through the week.


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