you and me walk on

I close my eyes and I'm there again. Sitting on that green lawn, sorting through the eggs we had found for our egg hunt. Soon we were all playing a basketball game, my dear friend was inside and I was holding my own together with two of my "sisters." After a while, I wander off to the swings, resting my body and swinging myself back and forth, trying to make my legs reach the farthest it can.
This moment seems stuck in time as I think of it. It doesn't seem too long ago, but in fact, it's another lifetime. All of those people, that day, so far away. It's hard not to feel nostalgic, but at the same time, I wonder, was I ever there?
The light in my room is quickly dimminuishing, the mountains surrounding the city are turning a pink, almost blushing against the near-white sky. My eyes are slowly closing, exhaustion overwhelming, yet I could have never felt so good and so unsure at the same time. Bluegrass music starts playing, the sort that makes you giggle.
I close my eyes and I'm there again. Somewhere in between, or maybe just in my dreams.


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