so long, farewell, auf wiedersehn, goodbye

Rain, for the first time in months. Although it hasn't seemed like a long, drawn out drought, it is a relief to see the droplets of rain outside the window. I always think of Norah Jones when I see rain. She's perfect to listen to when it rains.
Today I had to say goodbye to some people who have had a pretty big part of my life in the past few months. They were here for an intensive training, during a period of nine months. When I got here in Santiago, they were about half way through. 

It's funny to think that after so many  of my own departures, I should be used to goodbyes. I might have gotten better at them, but I am definitely not used to them. Each person ends up leaving a mark on my heart - a mark specific to the person. I find that incredible, yet it's hard. It's like you end up leaving bits of your heart, here and there. What makes me smile is knowing that they will be off into their own lives and will be great.

Till we next meet, my friends!


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