if you let me be your anchor

This past weekend Sarah and I went on a roadtrip. It was an adventure. I don't think I'm going to forget it!

First of all, Chilean highways don't have a lot of signs that help, but at least we knew that if we got to the water, we were going too far.
One of our stops was in Isla Negra, home to one of the many houses of the Chilean poet, Pablo Neruda. He was an eccentric, never have I seen so many masks (from all around the world), little ships inside bottles, several figure heads (of different ships) and shells of all the different species (I didn't even know there were so many species).

(even cats like to watch the sea)
I could seriously watch the sea all day.

"no quiero estar cansado solo, quiero que te canses conmigo. 
I don't want to be tired alone, I want you to be tired with me."

Pablo Neruda


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