so much for silly little love songs

Want to know a secret?

I fall in love way too fast.

I have concluded that it's because I love to love. It's nice being able to give.
I've been reading a book that mentions that women have a hidden desire to give, but hardly ever let themselves be filled. I might agree with that. I think we have so much to offer, but often don't allow ourselves to receive anything in return.

Can I be honest? I just don't want to go through the same motions. The build up, the questions and then the inevitable fall. I'd rather just keep doing what I'm doing.
Like today. The day went well, we went to the home, and ended up spending the afternoon hanging out with the boys. At one point, little K sat next to me and ended up snuggling while we watched the movie. At one point he fell asleep.
I honestly cannot describe it.
Nothing passed my mind.
It was different.
It was refreshing.

I wish we could turn off our thoughts like an "off" and "on" button.


This too shall pass.


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