bits and pieces

Falling in love doesn't necessarily mean with a specific person. I have learned this past year that falling in love can involve falling in love with the life you have been given. I have always been analytical about the time I have. There are days that I specifically hear the clock ticking in my life and at times I am afraid I am wasting the time I have been given. The interesting thing is that I haven't even started living it! Well, falling in love for me has been realizing that we are supposed to be treasuring the moments we are given each day. It's hard. Especially when there are days where you prefer to just stay in bed all day, not face the world, or even less say a word (that happens to me often) I am often forced to step out of my comfort bubble and it has allowed me to truly grow and improve as a person. Today I realized that the reason I smile more isn't because I found a special person, but that I love the culture I am in, I love serving and I love that I have been given the opportunity to start over. I have been restaured from a path that I was leading myself into.
 I'm free to fall,
 further and further into this Love,
 that still amazes me at the end of the day.


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