yellow fever?

Today I went biking to the doctor. I needed to get the yellow fever vaccine for my upcoming trip. When I get to the health insurance place, to make an appointment, it sinks in that I don't have a chain to strap the bike down and prevent it from being stolen. The guard scolds me and tells me I need to buy one. I shrug, smile and hope that he takes care of it.

He does, even though I take a peek now and then to make sure the bike is still there. On top of which, the bike wasn't mine.

Anyways, I make my appointment and ride a few blocks to the medical center. It's on the second floor and there is no place to put the bike where I can look after it. After looking around, going further and turning on another street, I finally decided to ask an elderly person, who was looking after his newsstand, if he could look after it for me.

The whole time I'm in the waiting room, I was sure that the bike was going to get stolen. At least from where I was, I could take a look at it every now and then. I kept thinking.. but what if someone just grabs it? Do I jump through these windows to prevent the person from robbing it? Also, it's an ugly bike! Who would want to steal it?

Needless to say, I had the appointment, got my doctor's note to get the vaccine, got out of the center as quickly as possible, and almost laughed when the bike was still there. I thanked the man, bought something from him, and went riding away.

My heart was happy.
He is faithful in the smallest of things! He really is.


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