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 Most of the time, while in Egypt, I felt that I was in a surreal dream. All those Bible stories I had heard kept replaying in my mind as I looked at the country around me. When I heard we were close to Alexandria, I immediately thought of Alexander the Great. As we were entering the city, on the night we arrived, I noticed that the sign to enter the city was also written in Greek. I mean, so much history in just one spot! However, the culture around me was completely different than I would have imagined.

This was a fort we visited close to the sea. I loved looking out to the Mediterranean, I still hadn't quite localized myself until I found out what sea we were looking at. There were several people fishing and they were sitting on these interesting cement blocks. 

Egyptians are very friendly. When one would spot us taking a picture of them, they would ask to take a picture with us. I was fascinated by the women wearing burqas, but at the same time they would be holding hands with their husband. I was told later, that they mainly use it to show respect to their family, although not all women wear them in Egypt.

I would love to go back to North Africa, especially Morocco. I want to see more!


  1. Aline!
    These are breathtaking!
    This whole trip sounds absolutely amazing.


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