the future will be confusing

I already thought my life before I became an adult was confusing. Sad thing, it doesn't get any easier. I think it's a process of growing up and seeing that life isn't that easy and it doesn't get simpler. I always had this idea that it would get easier as I got older. I would find a good career, a good man, get married and have a family. I still wish for these things, but I have realized there is something bigger and beyond that.
Going to this course in Egypt (a month ago) was life changing for me. I am still putting in practice the things I've learned, but what shook me the most was that I am okay not living a normal life. I had a problem with my so called "gypsy" lifestyle, it wasn't by choice. Now I feel ready for whatever is in store for me. I have more joy and let myself be joyful.
Yes, the future will be confusing, but I guess all the great things are...


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