thoughts on long weeks

The reason I wrote this blog was to write. As of late, I haven't done so much writing.
As it progressed, this blog became a way for me to use the great amounts of pictures I take when there are interesting life events.
I think I need to do a better job of balancing both. Today I finally got some headway in the story I have been writing. These past few mornings I can describe in one word: uninspired.

Now that I have gotten here, I just thought of something about this week. On Thursday we went to the home, its usually only the four of us on that day. They had some different games planned, especially one called, 'Aline dice,' which I found out later Simon says is, 'Simon mandon.' Why people in general (including myself) like this game is beyond me. The boys could have done it the whole afternoon, but I ran out of ideas and out of Spanish words. We were all so tired from beginning to play freeze tag, and due to an unsuccessful human chair game, we all sat down on the chairs, that at this point we had placed into a line. In the distance some visitors came with ice cream and one of the boys made sure we also got some. We sat with the boys and hung out. Some were playng soccer, others running around with an iron car that they had made and the ones sitting down ate their goodies. I was offered all sorts of food. I think it was one of the best days so far. It was great just sitting at the end of our semi-successful game day and get to know these boys more. They seem normal. Some could be little boys I would meet at church or that I would babysit. It's days like this that I remember why I am here and why I push myself to work harder. If I could design a day... it would be just like this.


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