two bedouin princesses

Last but not least, during our last few days in Egypt, we had the chance to go and take a tour of Cairo. I was really excited to see the pyramids. Have any of you seen Despicable Me? I thought of the part in the movie where the little kids bumps into the pyramid and they find out that it's a fake and that someone stole the pyramids.

I'm pretty sure these were real. Although at times I had to pinch myself to feel that I was really there.

 My favorite part was riding a camel. Mine was called Humphrey and my friend's Charlie. It was such an amazing feeling to be out in the desert, the pyramids as our backdrop, I definetly felt like a Bedouin princess.

Poor Spinhx had a bad nose job. I actually am not sure, what happened exactly to her? I have seen so many cartoons, that I still have the idea that someone just accidently carved her nose off.

Pharaoah, pharoah...


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