the land is where the heart is

What I love the most are handmade gifts. At this moment I'm listening to one! Today was such a great day for me. I even got home, so exhausted at how much energy I spent jumping up and down, being a 100% in different places and spending time with some dear friends.
I awoke and somehow found myself in between my parents, hugging a Narnia DVD and house keys in hand. I was a bit confused and decided to go back to my room. I realize I still could sleep more.
BUT (ramblings aside), the best part of today, well there's another part (something I'm keeping to myself until... well... until :) is that I got into PHOTOGRAPHY school. It's a well-known photography school here in Chile and I was worried I hadn't done well in the entrance exam. YAY! I am so excited! It has been one of my dreams for a long time.
I am so so happy and thankful. It is just another confirmation that I have found my place for the next odd years.
Chile, thank you for letting me make a home in your borders.


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