sleeping lessons

It's late! My grandma and aunts are here.. and I can't seem to fall asleep again. After I'm done with this, I'm going to curl up and read a book. That should do the trick! Nowadays books have served me as lullabies. I read one page and I'm ready to go to bed.
I'd like to think that years from now I can read this little blog and remember all these little details that made up my day.
Today I got to help out in art classes. I have been trying to teach pointillism, and it can be a frustrating one to learn. I love the end result, though! All that patience and mindlessly making dots, to form a beautiful picture. After, I hung around and helped out with the two dramas they learned today. It gave me a flashback to when I used to do musicals and plays in highschool. I missed it.
It's been so hot these past few days. I wish for cooler days.
I have been thinking of all my responsibilites and it dawned on me, how much I've grown up. Yeah, sometimes I think I'm still a kid, but it's not the case anymore. Sorry, Peter Pan, it's just not possible to be like you.
Good night, world.
Thanks for reading my ramblings...


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